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International Correspondents

Our editing consortium is already present in North and Central America, Europe, as well as Australia

Our American headquarters - USD Editions Ltd. - supply the other parts of the world.
If you are interested in purchasing our products, we will put you in touch with one of our international Editors (exclusive licensee).
To that effect, please contact us at:

The USD.3 Licensed Editor is responsible for implementing and developing the use, diffusion and distribution of the Intellectual Passport (CB or IND) Omnibus Volume and its derivatives. As part of this pursuit, it must recruit, train, as well as guide, coordinate and supervise his consultants through all of the procedures and ethics required to meet the standards set by the Consortium.

United States of America:


USD Editions Ltd., located in Cheyenne within the Wyoming, it covers the United States of America and any Nation still without a Licensed Editor.



Established in Quebec, the company "Les Éditions Du Droit d’Auteur" (Copyright Editions), known as C.E., holds the exclusive license for Canada.


The "USD Club International" Association, known as World Inventors’ Club, includes any physical or moral person on the entire planet who is interested in " Democratizing (liberalizing) Access to Intellectual Property ".




E.F.D.A., holds the exclusive license for France and its Overseas territories.



A.I.C.E., holds the exclusive license for Australia.

Central America:


A.P.I.I., located in the Republic of Costa Rica, it covers the Central American countries, from Colombia to Mexico, as well as the Caribbean.


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