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Our World Inventors Club

Our World Inventors Club is established in Canada under the USD Club International association’s sign

Mission of the USD Club

Each new member of USD Club solemnly undertakes to respect the rules of ethics inherent to his professional role within the USD System International Editions Consortium; a failure to comply may lead to an immediate dismissal; this is why the USD Club International (USD.2 and USD.3) management also undertakes to ensure that no take over from one person or group of people can one day hold the right to denature its contractual mission,
Indeed, it would seem quite senseless to entrust the USD System Consulting Firms with people who would not be completely committed to the Consortium’s mission.
Not partaking in the same exploitation type than the one previously provided at the expense of the inventor:  that is the commitment of a USD System Consulting Firm. It is also personally forbidden to simultaneously act as a USD Consultant or Agent and accept shares and interests in a business venture, which intellectual property and business forecast were initiated from a volume of the Intellectual Passport CB Omnibus. Corporate purpose: The vocation of USD Club is federate. Its goal is to attract to its organization and surround itself with natural persons or legal entities throughout the world, interested in liberalizing access to Intellectual Property. To create a synergy of solidarity and support between each one of them. To use its available resources to organize diverse types of meetings and services for its members, honed on achieving this objective.
Its internal organization
In the framework of this mandate, USD Club International:
  • has retaken control of the Ethics Committee founded on September 16, 1998 by Mr. Pierre Salinger and has appointed Mr. Salvatore di Palma, former Director of International Filings of the W.I.P.O. (World Intellectual Property Organization), as acting President;
  • has created the Circle of Authors of Innovative Concepts (Circle of Creators);
  • has created the USD Circle of Investors in innovation;
  • has created the Association of Certified Consultants in the Consortium;
  • has created the Library of Innovative Concepts included in the USD System International Editions Consortium under the name of: The USD World Bank of Innovations (called WBI).
Its federative purpose
USD Club federates associations that share this corporate purpose. To that effect, it was decided that each licensee USD.3 would create such an association from the inception of its contractual operations, in agreement with its USD.2 licensor
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