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Our clientele

Our clientele is highly heterogeneous

The Intellectual Passport (CB or IND) omnibus volume answers the needs of the:
  • typical inventor;
  • originator of new services;
  • creator of innovative enterprises (even of franchises);
  • SME and sectors of the larger scale industry;
  • specialized craftsman, as well as the creator of a formula, methodology, etc.
Any original idea from which the application translates in gathering existing products and/or services can become the subject of an Intellectual Passport (CB or IND) volume, as long as its operating procedure is totally new.
Henceforward, innovative enterprises should not be founded amongst associates without first licensing commercial rights or assign them from the natural person(s) of the author(s)* to his legal entity; thereby proving the intellectual origin of the property, upon which lies its commercialization.
This is the best scenario to prevent subsequent potential conflicts, such as rivalries between associates; to preserve the author(s)’s rights should the enterprise cease its activities; to avert any type of predator from arrogating the author’s commercial rights; to multiply the author’s sources of income. In summary, to dilute his risks, legally reduce his income tax payments and successfully claim damages in a court-of-law by establishing his true initial intellectual property **...

Any other option strictly applying to commercial property*** cannot establish such precedence!
 * Even if the inventor or originator owns his enterprise, even if he is sole owner of his company, it is imperative that his identity as the author be separated from that of the enterprise.
** Intellectual property naturally results from a person’s intellect. Without a cession contract or license on the commercial rights established between the natural person of the author and the legal entity of the enterprise (proving the intellectual origin of the creation), this one can only legally claim ownership of a commercial property.
*** The commercial property of an enterprise is what a legal entity owns…  In the absence of a specific mandating agreement recognizing that the employees of an enterprise are the authors of Works of the Mind and/or a cession contract or license establishing the authorship of an invention or Work of the Mind, the enterprise can only register commercial rights on its intellectual creations
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